Sam Bland is a sound artist, composer, workshop leader and activist based in South East London. He studied music at Goldsmiths University from 2014 - 2017. He is interested in radical history, audio voyeurism and community education. These themes are hugely present in his work, which frequently explores social history from below. His sound art often combines interviews, field recordings and electronics.

In 2019 Sam released his first solo E.P which combined solo piano and electronics. He has recently finished writing the music for the short film, Home Coming, the score was nominated for best original soundtrack at Feel the Reel International Film Festival and the production won best student film and best actor. Sam has also been commissioned by the Croydon Art Store and Croydon Council to run young artist workshops on Sound Art as well producing two pieces for the organisations. He has recently been working with Pembroke Academy of Music, to run a composition project with a large group of young musicians on Zoom.

Sam has also worked at the Brockley Jack Theatre for nearly three years as their associate technician. He has operated light and sound for many of their bi-monthly scratch nights and productions including: All That Remains (August 2019) and V (November 2019). During the pandemic he has been working as a Grip and Sound Recordist at the Brockley Jack's Connect Film Project, funded by the Arts Council. He has also been volunteering at Walworth Community Food Hub in Southwark since April 2020.