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Home, a sound exploration.

My final major project at Goldsmiths University investigated people’s concept and relationship to shelter and the home. The project was imagined through a multi-speaker sound installation, that used interviews and field recordings as the primary materials. 

My main research interests were in the use of the voice in sound art practice and the intersection between social history and the medium. I interviewed 7 different people who were connected to me in different ways. The content from these interviews informed my field recordings and further research.


My first installation, in May 2017, was in the Ambisonic Room at St James, Hatcham Church and saw over 100 people listen to the piece in complete darkness. The second installation was part of Pure Gold Festival, in June 2017, and was a joint installation with audiovisual artist, Joy Stacey. 

For more information on the process of the project, please see my blog.

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