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Croydon, voices of a city.

This soundscape includes recordings from an open workshop held at Croydon Youth Art Collective's Takeover Day.


We asked young people to discuss their ideas on the future of Croydon and the community. This piece aims to bring together the many voices that we heard that day. The workshop took place at Fairfield Hall on the 2nd of November 2019. The piece also combines field recordings taken around Croydon.


Thank you to all of the participants!

See the projects page for more information.

When I Come TO The Whitgift.

Piece in collaboration with Croydon Art Store. Many thanks to all the participants.

This piece combines field recordings and interviews taken during a workshop on Sound Art by myself to a group of young people from Croydon.

See the projects page for more information.

Arkle 67.

This piece explores personal discovery and social history through the uncovering of lost sounds and recordings.


This piece is based around a collection of tapes I recently discovered. Recorded by my granddad before I was born, they contain a mixture of secretly recorded family discussions and gatherings, horse races from the radio and music compilations.

I hope to expand on this project in the near future.

Home, a sound exploration.

The piece combines multiple interviews with field recordings and aims to draw links between the personal qualities of the voice and the concept of home.


The piece was originally in 8 channel and is part of wider project on the Home that began as a research project at Goldsmiths University.

The work was part of two installations in May & June 2017 at St James Hatcham Church, New Cross, in the Ambisonic Studio and as part of Pure Gold Festival at Goldsmiths University. 

The NF Were At The Station.

The piece is entirely speech based; all sounds heard are taken from recording of three interviews I took with anti-fascist activists who attended/ tried to attend an opposition demonstration against the national front on the 30th of January 2016.


All three activists had very different experiences, interviewee one described their experience of confronting fascists in Dover while the other two activists speak about a confrontation that happened at Maidstone services on the same day. Hundreds of activists were prevented on getting to Dover due to this confrontation. The piece aims to imagine this juxtaposition both verbally and aesthetically.

Premiered: 17th January 2017, Goldsmiths Sound Practice Research Presents: Thomas Ankersmit and the EMS.


Cutup live radio from a single day combined with Bass Synth, creating interesting sonic connections between the different material.  

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