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Connect at the Jack.

This project, at the Brockley Jack Theatre, produced four short films written and directed by theatre practitioners. Each short was filmed in just two days using the theatre's space between August - September 2020

I worked as a sound recordist and grip for three of the films. The films will be posted online very soon, for more information on the project please click here.

All That Remains.

Theatre company, Molodyi Teatr London, brought their production All That Remains to the Brockley Jack Theatre in August 2019.


The work focuses on the ongoing war in Ukraine. It follows a family’s and a solider’s experience of the war. In Molodyi Teatr’s words the play “is a moving reflection on loss and memory based on true stories from the ongoing war in Ukraine.” It combined music, video and dialogue, extracted from real events. I had the privilege to work on this show as a lighting designer and operator.

Here is an article I wrote about the play and the similarities between mutual aid and fringe theatre.

The Brockley Jack Theatre

II have worked at the Jack Theatre for nearly three years as an associate technician and member of the box office team. I have majorly enhanced my lighting and rigging skills and gained a greater understanding in stage management.

I have ran the technical rehearsals and operated sound and lights for the bi-monthly scratch nights as well as working with a variety of theatre companies. 

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