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When I come to the Whitgift. 

This project was a piece and workshop I developed for the Croydon Art Store (CAS) in February 2019. The workshop gave an introduction to Sound Art and my own artistic practice, to a group of young artists. The two hour workshop explored the historical context of the medium, along with field recording and sound manipulation. 

I particularly focused on how Sound Art can be used to explore and express social and political issues. We focused on as a group the affects of the future demolition of the Whitgift Shopping Centre, where the CAS is based. The shopping centre is going to be replaced with a Westfields. In our discussion the young people expressed fears of gentrification but also hopes of jobs. The particpants interviewed each other with recorders and then we took field recording round the shopping centre. The young people then had the opportunity to mix and manipulate their sounds an application I developed on MAX MSP.

I then produced a piece of Sound Art from a selection of the young peoples recordings along with my own sonic investigation of the centre. The piece was then installed at the Croydon Art Store in March 2019 and is now part of their digital archive. Listen Here

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