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Croydon,voices of a city.

In June 2020 I was commissioned by Croydon Council's Design Department to curate a Sound Art workshop for young people. The day session explored the young people's hopes and fears on new development in Croydon. The workshop ran throughout the day, at Croydon Youth Art Collective's Takeover Day at Fairfield Hall (2nd November 2019). I introduced the young people to how sound could be used creatively to discuss these important topics.


We held group recorded discussions and interviews on questions such as: 'How do you think young people will be affected by the ongoing changes in Croydon?' . We then explored field recording techniques using a Zoom recorder, I encouraged young people to take recordings of the day. We finally explored sound manipulation using a patch I developed on MAX MSP. The patch allows you to sample and manipulate sound in accessible way.

Using recordings and interviews from the day, I then collated the material into soundscape piece. This was installed at the Croydon Art Store between 16th November - 20 December 2019 and premiered as part of the first Youth Consultation Surgery. Listen Here

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